Season 2023/2024

The Milton Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) was founded in 2014 and remains a community orchestra, comprised of volunteer musicians, performing at the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton.  The MPO Board of Directors is recruiting volunteer community members to join the board.  The MPO Board is responsible for the direction and operational success of Milton’s orchestra.  The Board is currently seeking individuals with knowledge and skills in fundraising/sponsorship, stage management, or community relations.  These are volunteer positions but provide opportunities for those willing to engage.  The MPO Board meets approximately 6 times per year while continuously completing the tasks required to build a successful community orchestra.  Board members can expect an average weekly commitment 4-5 hours, including board meetings and occasional appearances on behalf of the MPO.  Ideal candidates will demonstrate some experience in performing arts organizations as well as knowledge of governance.

The MPO Board of Directors is also seeking an individual to fill the position of MPO President.  This is a volunteer position whose main duties consist of overseeing MPO operations and liaising with Milton communities.  The President will be a member of the Board of Directors.  The position requires an average weekly volunteer commitment of 10-12 hours.  Ideal candidates will demonstrate some experience in performing arts organizations as well as managerial and leadership skills.

For more details, visit and someone will be in touch with you shortly!

VACANT: President 2023-2024

VACANT: Marketing/Social Media 2023-2024

VACANT: Fundraising 2023-2024

Bethany Middleton, Chair

Eric Fahn, Director

Sarah Oesch, Secretary

Bartelt Van Essen, Treasurer

Lorne Greenwood, Legal Director

Peter Lovell, Director

John Oesch, Past- President (2019-2023)

Jenn Callum, Past-President, Co-Founder (2014-2019)