Adopt a Musician:      $50/year

Adopt a Section:           $250/year

Your name beside the adopted musician or section on the MPO website

Your name beside the adopted musician or section in our printed programme



Adopt a Student Musician: $150/year

Our scholarship program is to benefit young musicians who:

  • Are still attending school (High school, College, or University)
  • Demonstrate a sufficiently high level of musical promise
  • Demonstrate commitment to the Orchestra, and
  • Continue to study and improve their musical knowledge and proficiency on their chosen instrument

And will serve to:

  • Encourage their musical education
  • Financially sustain their participation in the Milton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Scholarship recipients are selected by the Board of Directors, with input from the Music Director.

Those who adopt a student musician will receive:

Your name on the MPO website Sponsor page

Your name on the sponsorship page in our printed programme

Please visit our sponsorship site today. Your contribution enhances the reach and success of your community orchestra, and is appreciated by musicians and audiences alike.

With our sincere thanks,

Musicians of the MPO