Meet the Musicians


    Arpad Josephson, Violin, ConcertMaster
    Sue Kitchen, Violin, Principal Second
    Honey Thomas, Violin
    June Park, Violin
    Bethany Middleton, Violin
    Joe Yaciuk, Violin

    Eric Fahn, Principal Viola
    Mason Nowak, Viola

    Cellos: * Adopted by Dr. Ivan Hunter

    Peryn Lukos, Principal Cello
    Tara Tieman, Cello
    Judy Hunter, Cello * Adopted by Diane Young
    Alison McTavish, Cello


    Ted Druzdzel, Principal Bass
    Don Metzger, Bass * Adopted by Lauren Hambly

    WoodWinds: * Adopted by Tony Gallagher

    Lauren Hambly, Principal Flute
    Julie Palmer, Flute
    Sheena Nykolaiszyn, Flute

    Cathy Gallagher, Clarinet
    Sarah Oesch, Clarinet

    Heather Ryan, Principal Oboe
    Monique Vander Schans, Oboe


    Becky Heinmiller, Co-Principal Horn
    Johnny Bissell, Co-Principal
    Sherry Cameron, French Horn * Adopted by Margaret Cameron & Diane Young

    Neil Johnstone, Principal Trombone
    Bart Van Essen, Trombone

    Graham Young, Principal Trumpet
    Andrew Phillips, Trumpet
    Alanna Collins, Trumpet


    Bob Comber, Percussion * Adopted by Milton Show Choir

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