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Arpad Josephson, Violin, Concert Master
Ruth CooperViolin, Principal Second

Bethany Middleton, Violin
Joe Yaciuk, Violin
Bob Chen, Violin
Michael Vietri, Violin
Sandy Wang, Violin

Eric Fahn, Principal Viola

Peryn Lukos, Principal Cello

Don Metzger, Bass

WoodWinds * adopted by Tony Gallagher of Ireland

Lauren Hambly, Principal Flute
Julie Palmer, Flute

Cathy Gallagher, Principal Clarinet
Sarah Oesch, Clarinet * adopted by Richard and Carol Howitt

Heather Ryan, Principal Oboe
Emma Oesch, Oboe

* French Horns adopted by Jeanne Reid
Becky Heinmiller, Principal Horn
James Scott Mitchell, French Horn

Peter Lovell, Principal Trombone
Bart Van Essen, Trombone

Luca Peveroni, Trumpet
Neil Wright, Trumpet
Dana McCallum, Trumpet

Chris Carson-Foster, Percussion
Bob Hall, Percussion

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