How you can help…

As a non profit, registered charity, the MPO relies on our community to support our efforts.

You can help by spreading the word, inviting your friends and family to concerts, and by donating to or sponsoring the orchestra.

This could take any form you choose!

  • Adopting” a musician, a section, or our music director for the current or upcoming season.
  • Donating financially for a specific, identified need (printing costs are an ongoing requirement), or a general donation to be used as needed.
  • Sponsoring the purchase of a piece (or pieces) of music for our library. You can choose from our wish list (below), or suggest one of your own, where orchestral scores are available for purchase. We will gratefully dedicate the sponsored music to you the first time we perform it in concert.
  • In-kind services – we currently require climate controlled storage space for instruments and music, printing services, etc.
  • Sponsoring a musician for a season.
  • Sponsoring a youth scholarship for young musicians headed to a university music program.

Current Music Wish List:

  • Music from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, other iconic themes
  • Music from The Godfather
  • Selections from My Fair Lady

To discuss how you can help the MPO, please use our contact form here… and thank you for your support!